Sid Mohapatra

Sid is a writer who was born and raised in India. His fandom is a testament to the ever-widening reach of the NBA. Always rooting for the underdog player and/or team, Sid has lived through many exhilarating ups and frustrating downs as a New York Knicks fan for nearly two decades.

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An ode to the best guards of the NBA bubble

While talk might be turning to the 2020-21 season, Sid Mohaptra takes a moment to appreciate some of the best guards of the NBA bubble

Duncan Robinson - Double Clutch illustration by Steve Leard
The evolution of Duncan Robinson

The end result might not be what the Miami Heat wanted, but Sid Mohapatra believes Duncan Robinson’s growth has been a big win

NBA Restart Part 1: Top storylines to follow

As we prepare ourselves for the NBA’s Project Restart, Sid Mohapatra looks at the top storylines ahead for the teams now living in the Orlando campus bubble.