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Every year, when we sit down to write our guide, we discuss how we can make the NBA easier to understand for new UK-based fans.

This year, we have included mini histories for each team, provided quick reference points and answered three specific questions across all 30 teams, in a bid to make the league we love easier to understand. To all the newbs – welcome to #NBAintheUK, we were all you once and if you ever need anything, hit us up on social media.

However, we understand that a large majority of what makes Double Clutch, Double Clutch, is the content produced by our panel of expert analysts. So make no mistake, this 156 page guide includes well over 60,000 words for fans of all experience and interest levels.

And so to basketball.

The summer of 2018 has been a whirlwind. Since the Warriors annihilated the Cavaliers in four games last June. We’ve seen LeBron leave Cleveland (again) to join the fabled Los Angeles Lakers. Toronto and San Antonio completed one of the biggest trades in recent memory, switching DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard. The Warriors somehow defied the odds (and the salary cap) once again, adding yet another All-Star into the mix. And Jimmy Butler, who was only traded to Minnesota last summer, demanded a trade only to be forced to return to Minnesota, less than a week before the season tip-off. At time of writing, he’s still pouting in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and NBA Twitter is flooded with reactions to his first team practice.
And somewhere in amongst that, our team were privileged to be taken to Athens and New York by 2K UK ahead of the launch of NBA2K19.

So after that “restful” summer, it’s time for tip off. And if the offseason was anything to go by, you’re in for a real treat. Get your flexible working requests in, build up some lieu time, opt for the mid or late shift, or at least get some decent excuses ready, because you have 1,230 regular season games and at least 68 playoff games to get through. Don’t panic though, Double Clutch will be right there with you.

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