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The history of the Knicks predates the National Basketball Association, but that hasn’t necessarily led to championships. For much of its existence, the Knicks have not been great, but the city has produced some epic players and memorable moments. The franchise peaked in the 1970s when it picked up two NBA titles, the first of which was the result of some heroics from Willis Reed: injured, he hobbled onto the court in Game 7 of the Finals and inspired his team to victory. Since then, the results have largely been disappointing, aside from a few Patrick Ewing-led teams in the 1990s, but things once again have potential.

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Step Back Special: Step Back into Christmas

Ahead of this year’s festive showcase, Sean Guest looks back at some of the most memorable Christmas Day games

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The Step Back: Ewing some, you lose some

On this day in 1985, the New York Knicks won their first ever NBA Draft Lottery, allowing them to pick franchise-altering big-man Patrick Ewing No. 1 overall.

John Starks: an embodiment of Knicks fandom

The world might be re-living 1990s NBA through the prism of Michael Jordan again in The Last Dance, for Nick Whitfield it only brings back memories of his favorite player John Starks

Kevin Love and Bobby Portis
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Julius Randle is the biggest loser on the New York Knicks, but he still has hope

According to Matthew Wellington, Julius Randle has suffered with the New York Knicks, in large part due to organisational ineptitude. Could a trade help both parties?

2019-20 New York Knicks Preview

The New York Knicks were supposed to land Kevin Durant and another superstar this offseason. They didn’t. So what next for the NBA’s highest valued team?

The season so far: New York Knicks

As the New York Knicks arrive in the UK ahead of the NBA London game against the Washington Wizards, let’s take a look at what they have achieved so far this season.

NBA London Statement
NBA LONDON EXCLUSIVE: Game Tickets Statement

The NBA London office has responded to fan criticism regarding the ticketing situation for NBA London, featuring the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks. Here is their response.