Our Story

Established in 2012, Double Clutch is rapidly growing into the home of the best web content for UK NBA fans; and home to the UK’s longest running NBA podcast. Cutting analysis and long form storytelling forms the basis of our website. Connected social media accounts, including those of our contribution team, allow our audience to engage with writers, and have enabled us to fulfil our target of becoming a hub for UK fans looking for their NBA fix.

The quality of our writing staff — a mixture of professionals from a variety of fields — and our rigorous editing process ensures that only the highest-quality content reaches our site. As a result, the site has experienced exponential growth in each year of its existence.

Our podcast has also seen great success. Simply put, we serve knowledgeable UK fans with raw, well-grounded insight for all thirty NBA teams. A regular rotation of hosts ensure a consistent production schedule and allows us to grow both our brand and audience. We have secured interviews with some of the biggest names in NBA media, including conversations with Ethan Sherwood-Strauss of ESPN.com, Hall of Fame columnist Peter Vecsey, and NBA TV’s Kristen Ledlow

In April 2017 we released our 200th episode, which was a tremendous success and the culmination of almost 5 years hard work. Episode 200 saw us run a competition, giving away items donated by Nike UK, Stance and many more. To date the podcast has been downloaded over 60,000 times since moving to the Libsyn platform in 2014 (previous platform Podomatic.com 2012-14 figures unavailable), and is currently available across iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Acast, Tunein and more.

This is just the beginning for Double Clutch, and NBA in the UK. Basketball is a rapidly growing sport in this country and the market for NBA fans is expanding with it. Through well-coordinated interaction with fans across all platforms Double Clutch has been able to build a loyal, frequently returning audience. Fans no longer want a one-way interaction with media behemoths. They want connection, community and high quality, targeted content. That is our niche.

We are Double Clutch, the home of the NBA in the UK and this is what we do.

In July 2017 we moved from doubleclutchpodcast.co.uk to our new home, doubleclutch.uk – a site more representative of the professional community we have become.