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As a new NBA season approaches, we can’t help but be overwhelmed by the ‘hype’; a thoroughly American-English word, if ever there was one.

Hype – first used in 1920s America under its original definition: cheat. Ironic really, when you consider the current state of the NBA and it’s so-called ‘cheat’ team, the Golden State Warriors, last year’s NBA champions.

So where are we going with this you might ask; well the answer is simple.


Just like the definition of the word hype, the NBA has undergone significant change during its history, and this offseason wasn’t any different, perhaps, cementing the NBA as a truly 365 day, 24/7, global social media and sporting phenomena.

In Hollywood a new rookie prepares to take the stage and as if that wasn’t enough, ‘The Process’ is on the horizon. Philly fans, you know what we’re talking about.


In June the idea of Kyrie Irving wearing anything other than a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey this season; was absurd. Then the news broke of his trade request and come August, Kyrie was seeing green.

But the big changes didn’t stop there. Jimmy Butler was traded from Chicago to Minnesota. Chris Paul added more fuel to the Rocket in Houston; and in small town Oklahoma storm clouds gathered and superstars arrived, as Paul George and Carmelo Anthony landed like a thunder bolt in the most unexpected of destinations. Oh, and Dwyane Wade rejoined Lebron James, this time in Cleveland.

Now take our advice, prepare those cans of Red Bull, charge those phones, prep those hash-tags – oh and write that sick note before 3am – because the new season is here and it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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