Partners / Work

NBA2K Banner

Partner: 2K United Kingdom

Period: 2014-present

For the past six years we have worked with one of the world’s most popular videogame franchises, NBA 2K. Our relationship with 2K UK began in 2014 when we were sent more than a dozen copies of the latest release, NBA 2K14. Since then we have helped to grow the game together. We have published audio interviews, written articles and published community focused content around the hit series. We’ve attended launch parties in both Athens and New York, provided colour commentary on international tournaments and co-hosted events in London, England.

Partner: FIBA

Period: 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup Qualifiers

We worked alongside the FIBA team to develop content around the 2019 FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup Qualifiers. Team Great Britain games were shown live across our social media platforms, with advertising placed on site throughout the qualifying period.

Partner: – LBTV

Period: 2018-2019

Working alongside the FIBA and LBTV team we developed a video series on basketball entitled ‘The Triple Double’. ‘The Triple Double’ was available to LBTV subscribers as part of their content package that included FIBA Basketball Competitions, Olympic Qualifying Competitions, Basketball Champions League and more.

Partner: Li-Ning

Period: 2017-18 NBA season

For the 2017-2018 NBA season Double Clutch joined a presenting partnership with global Chinese sportswear giant, Li-Ning. Li-Ning was founded in 1989 by retired Chinese gymnast, Li Ning, known in China as the “Prince of Gymnastics”. Li-Ning produces shoes and sportswear, largely for the Chinese market. However recent partnership deals, including strategic collaborations with the National Basketball Association, have begun to increase brand awareness in major European and American markets. Li-Ning’s strong connections with basketball, have enabled them to become one of the most recognisable and trusted sportswear brands for basketball fans worldwide. Li-Ning has or had sponsorship deals with Baron Davis, Shaquille O’Neal, Damon Jones, Jose Calderon, Cleanthony Early, Glen Robinson III, Evan Turner, Dwyane Wade and most recently C.J. McCollum.