Washington Wizards

Washington DC has a fascinating NBA story that begins in 1961 as one of the first expansion teams, the Chicago Packers. They moved to Baltimore a few years later and were renamed as the Bullets. They moved again in 1973, this time to Washington DC, where they eventually became the Washington Bullets. The Bullets won their only championship just five years later.

After limited success throughout the 1990s, the team name changed to the Wizards, and the great Michael Jordan took over as President of Basketball Operations, later part-owner, and ultimately came back from a second retirement to play for the team.

Kevin Love and Bobby Portis
Who to watch at the NBA trade deadline – 3s, Ds and a bit of Love

Moves have been made, but the bigger trades are yet to be made. Tom Hall breaks down some 3s and 4s that could be next

2019-20 Washington Wizards Preview

The Washington Wizards appear to be stuck in time. Hampered by poor management and injuries. Perhaps Rui Hachimura can bring cheers back to the capital?

Trade Deadline 2019: Who could be on the move?
Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol, Nikola Vučević and more – who could be on the move at the trade deadline?

Star players wanting out, big-time agents pushing their weight around, rumors flying from all front offices – it must be the NBA trade deadline

NBA London Statement
NBA LONDON EXCLUSIVE: Game Tickets Statement

The NBA London office has responded to fan criticism regarding the ticketing situation for NBA London, featuring the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks. Here is their response.

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