Justin Quinn

Justin is our resident Anthropologist. In fact, he's our only Anthropologist. When he's not engaged in the practice of anthropology, he's writing about all things basketball. He finds it difficult to not mention the Boston Celtics and often contributes to multiple USAToday Sports Media Group sites and Off The Glass.

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NBA arenas might be full by 2021-22, but Global Games will have to wait

The NBA is slowly but surely getting back to normality after Covid-19 impacts, but Justin Quinn worries that the Global Games will take a little longer

Out of cold storage due to the pandemic’s fiscal impact, NBA expansion talk is heating up again

After most of a year with the primary focus of the NBA geared towards survival…

Basketball Africa announces the official slate of teams for its debut season

Perhaps lost among the NBA All-Star activities was the introduction of the Basketball Africa League, which will tip off in March – Justin Quinn has the low-down

The business side of expansion abroad – supporting the NBA in Mexico

The NBA has its first G League franchise outside of North America, and NBA Mexico Director General has spoken exclusively to Double Clutch’s Justin Quinn about the country’s basketball future

Enes Kanter, a man without a country, calls Boston home

Enes Kanter’s on-court start in Boston has not been the one he’d hoped for. But, according to Justin Quinn, away from the hardwood the big man is settling in just fine.

NBA expansion: the likelihoods and the long shots

The NBA has been all over the map when it comes to expansion in recent months. Justin Quinn looks at what cities are unlikely candidates, and where are the surest bets for a new franchise?

Las Vegas’ odds for NBA expansion may be better than you think

With the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, the NHL’s Golden Knights and the NFL soon to see the Raisers arrive, Justin Quinn is joined by Mike Miller to explore the prospect of turning the NBA’s flirtations with Sin City into a permanent home

Seattle and Mexico City looked like frontrunners for NBA expansion teams – are they still?

With so much drama in overseas markets, the NBA’s talk of expansion has quietened. Justin Quinn looks at how this has frustrated potential markets, but not deterred them

Making sense of the NBA’s situation concerning China, and expansion

The NBA is currently grappling with the biggest potential roadblock to growth it has faced since the American Basketball Association in the 1970s, and one it arguably should have seen coming writes Justin Quinn.