Charlie Liptrott

Charlie is an American Studies BA graduate and a Sports Journalism MA student at the University of Lincoln. He’s also adamant that if Derrick Rose didn’t get injured in 2012 the Chicago Bulls would have at least one more banner in the United Center.

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Charlotte Hornets
Let’s Hear it for the Hornets

Charlie Liptrott looks at how the Charlotte Hornets have emerged as a surprise playoff contender and a team with a bright future.

Once again, the Portland Trail Blazers’ hopes rest on Damian Lillard’s shoulders

The Portland Trail Blazers’ hopes rest on Damian Lillard’s shoulders and he’s uniquely positioned to deliver for his team. It’s Dame Time

Jaylen Brown has taken ‘The Leap’, but what does that mean for the Boston Celtics?

The rise of a new superstar in Boston seems like good news, but Charlie Liptrott wonders whether it might throw a few spanners into the Celtics’ works

Sam Presti and the Risks of Asset Accumulation

Asset accumulation is a prevalent front office strategy. Logically, it provides teams with the best chance of landing a star. But Charlie Liptrott asks whether the toll it takes on players is worth it.

A franchise-defining season awaits the Los Angeles Clippers

On paper, the Clippers had high hopes last season, but Charlie Liptrott shows why LA can’t just cross it all out and start again

What now for the Houston Rockets?
Daryl Morey Found Unconventional Success with the Houston Rockets

Daryl Morey found love (and success) in a hopeless place. The Rockets may have not won a championship, but Morey’s impact on the entire NBA has been huge.

Michael Porter Jr
Can Michael Porter Jr. Become the Third Star for the Denver Nuggets?

Nobody knew what to make of Michael Porter Jr. on draft night, but after a strong postseason, the future looks bright for Denver’s gamble. Charlie Liptrott looks at one of the Orlando Bubble’s breakout players.

Pat Riley
From LeBron James to Jimmy Butler: The ups and downs of the Miami Heat’s return to the top

Pat Riley has earned his place in NBA history, on the court and off it. In Miami, he’s proven once again that he can build contender. Charlie Liptrott looks at Riley’s smart moves.