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Double Clutch

Who are your favourite NBA brothers?

It’s not an unusual and unique predicament when a player finds himself standing on the baseline to compete against his brother or brothers. For years the NBA has been a family affair for these elite players who share the name on their jersey with their sibling. We can only imagine what it’s like for their parents to have to support both teams when their sons square off in the same arena. Many have made the journey together from backyard shoot arounds to fan filled arenas.

The Currys

For parents such as Sonya and Dell Curry (who played the most games of all-time in Charlotte Hornets history) turning up to games wearing Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors became a regular occurrence.

Back in May 2019, Seth and Steph squared off in the Western Conference Finals, Steph getting the better of Seth and Damian Lillard’s Trail Blazers, winning all four games of the series. This was a historic moment for the Curry’s as the first brothers to compete in a Conference Final. In typical playoff fashion, Steph averaged 35 points per game.

Photo credit: Scott Strazzante/ The Chronicle

Both brothers hold remarkable point shooting ability, however Seth ranks second place on the NBA’s All-Time shooting percentage, three spots above his more and acclaimed older brother. This sibling rivalry is on full display when it comes to who’s the superior perimeter shooter.

The Balls

Probably the most exciting and up and coming band of brothers are Chino Hills’ Ball brothers. Taking the league by storm in his first season and front runner for Rookie Of The Year, LaMelo Ball is outshining his older brother while averaging a shade under 15 points and 6 assists per game. For parents Lavar and Tina Ball there was one shining moment when their three sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo were signed to NBA teams the New Orleans Pelicans, Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Hornets, respectively, in December 2020.

Lavar’s master plan of grooming his trio of California point guards seemed to come into fruition until LiAngelo was waived by the Pistons, leaving Lonzo and LaMelo to represent the Ball name. It was finally in January at Smoothie King Centre in New Orleans, when Lonzo and LaMelo played against each other for the first time ever. The younger brother getting the better of Lonzo’s pelicans to win 118-110. LaMelo finishing with 12 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists. A proud Lonzo posed with kid brother during warmups. Before the game, Lonzo told reporters “it’s a good thing to see all the hard work pay off that my dad put in… We had a lot of battles in the back yard”.

The Ball brother’s initial popularity came from their own TV series, “Ball In The Family”, where their infectious energy is on full display. Neither Lonzo, Gelo or Lamelo hold back on this all-access insight into their chemistry, endless fast food binges and back yard scrimmages.

The Antetokounmpos

The athletic trio of back-to-back MVP Giannis and his brothers Kostas and Thanasis come from humble beginnings in Athens, Greece. Alex, the youngest, is an up-and-coming 19-year-old following the paths of his older brothers while playing in the Spanish Liga ACB.

The sons of Nigerian immigrants, they credit their insatiable work ethic to their late father, Charles who passed away in 2017. Kostas, playing for the Lakers, was the first of the ‘AntetokounBros’ to raise the Larry O’Brien trophy last season.

Cassy Athena/Getty Images

Giannis and Thanasis share the floor at Fiserv Forum Arena in Milwaukee. These brothers not only bring an infectious energy to the court but also on their AntetokounBros TV YouTube channel, where they host relaxed conversations and have been giving each other quarantine haircuts.

told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in the NBA bubble in Florida “we motivate each other, if he sees me go harder there’s no way he’s going to slack behind. We are competitive but it’s a different type of competition, (because) we’re just trying to make each other better”.

On April 1, the three brothers finally shared a court. Giannis, emotional at the post-game press conference explained “it’s been a long journey for the three of us to be on the same NBA court. This was always our dream and to realize that we accomplished it is amazing”.

The Gasols

Both Pau and younger brother Marc have lifted the Larry O’Brien trophy and FIBA World Cup Titles in their fruitful careers as Spanish internationals and big men in the NBA. In 2007 Marc was drafted to Memphis where Pau had already left his mark as first non-American to win ROTY. The brothers sure left there mark on the city of Memphis, but nowadays are both west coast veterans. In Staples Centre during the prolific Kobe years, Pau formed a bond like few had experienced with Bryant, winning back-to-back two rings together.

Gasol, calling Kobe “My big brother, I could always reach out to him for advice” in an interview with the LA Times. Coincidentally, Marc Gasol will try to retain the Lakers status as champions this season, while Pau graces LIGA ACB in Barcelona with his experience and lengthy shot-blocking. The first brothers to start in an NBA All-Star Game together have certainly left their “Marc” on league.

The Holidays

Holiday brothers Aaron, Jrue and Justin made history back in December 2019 by being the first three brothers to play in an NBA at the same time. Aaron (Pacers) and Jrue (formerly Pelicans) turned to the bench 7 minutes and 47 seconds when Justin checked into the game.

Justin describes growing up in the Holiday household, “The competition was there, but it was always healthy”. We always wanted success for each other in the midst of competition”, he told Shams Charania back in April 2020. In the same interview Jrue seemed to be keen on the prospect of being the all three playing together. “I feel like we all compliment each other, I think it would work out!”.

However it was their sister Lauren Holiday who they accredited as the best athlete of the family, Lauren played basketball at UCLA.

The Morris’

Drafted 13 and 14 in 2011, there’s little to tell Marcus and Markieff Morris apart on the court, even their tattoos are identical. Known as ‘Mook’ and ‘Keef’ growing up, these brothers could swap uniforms and no one would even notice.

Marcus, the more efficient scoring force, plays for the Clippers across the hall from Markieff’s Lakers. Despite signing for $14 million less than Marcus this year, Markieff bagged a championship after teaming up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in February 2020.

Getty Images/ Ned Dishman

The Lopez’s

Both Brook and Robin shared a monstrous presence around the paint for Milwaukee last season. After guarding each other in a Bulls vs Bucks fixture in 2019, Brook was acquired by the Bucks, leaving very little room in the locker room for any other players, with the two seven footers occupying post positions.

The pair may seemed to be in competition and occasionally fight in practice but the bottom line is… they’re brothers in arms. Brook explains, “That was something we always took pride in, playing in high-school and college together was having each others backs, just as we have in every other facet of friendship or companionship, we’ve picked up where we left off” in a Milwaukee Bucks interview.

Nicknamed the “Twin Towers”, after being reunited in Milwaukee and spending summer in the Orlando Bubble, Robin was traded to Washington in November of last year.